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Leeteuk sharing his ice cream to Kyuhyun and Donghae!! Find it cute ^__^

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Heenim’s instagram update (◕‿◕✿)




Wait wha-


um what










Everyone … beware.. he’s somewhere around us ….

remember this day ELF?

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Calvin Chen exposes Zhou Mi’s little drunk adventure on Happy Camp

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"No one is useless in Super Junior. Every member has important role in the group. Super Junior is like a rainbow, every color makes it beautiful.”

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"When did it become ELF protecting Super Junior? Super Junior should protect ELF!" →


I keep on reading posts of some ELF, stating how happy they were that after 6 years, Super Junior has finally learned how to stand up for themselves.

To be honest, I was also proud and happy at first, but looking back at what happened, I realized one thing - Super Junior never really stood up…

@ryeong9: She was a pretty hoobae who always greeted brightly.. My heart is in pain, please pray for EunB. Rest in peace. It must be tough for the members beside her. Everyone please give them a lot of consolation. /It’s also hard work on the managers who have to settle the many schedules. Please drive safely. (cr)

@ryeong9: She was a pretty hoobae who always greeted brightly.. My heart is in pain, please pray for EunB. Rest in peace. It must be tough for the members beside her. Everyone please give them a lot of consolation. /It’s also hard work on the managers who have to settle the many schedules. Please drive safely. (cr)

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heechul leading sungmin around on stage because sungmin can’t see

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Super Junior - MAMACITA (Ayaya)

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Super Junior at MuBank Backstage

Super Junior at MuBank Backstage

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Hey mamacita 내가 ayayayaya

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I dont really think they where meant to be villains, because when push comes to shove they really do the right thing. I remember that in a few movies they damn near killed them selves to help Ash, it even happens a few times in the series. This is why I will always love these two, because their not evil, just confused, its like their suffering from peer pressure or something to impress their boss. Sad choices.

I could write an essay on why Jessie, James and Meowth shouldn’t be considered the villains and why they’re perfect people and why they’re perfect for each other in the family sense, including Meowth. I mean sure in B/W they’re a lot more threatening, but the other like 14 years worth of the anime? No. They’re just… too soft. They both have extenuating circumstances when it comes to why they’re in Team Rocket. Neither of them joined purely because they were mean people and wanted to steal or hurt Pokemon. Jessie was an orphan and her mother was in Team Rocket. James ran away because his parents tried to force him into getting married to a girl he hated. Meowth was abandoned by the rest of the Meowth because he learned to talk. They all joined because it was really the only place they felt like they belonged.

And I could also go on and on and on about how they’re NOT failures. They fail at being bad. There are plenty of episodes where they show them all having special talents. Jessie is amazing at contests, James can do a ton of stuff they never show except in certain episodes (PokeRinger, Orienteering, poetry?, contests). Plus James is just a total sweetheart omg don’t even get me started on him alone okay. Neither of them are actually bad at Pokemon battles unless they’re up against Ash & Co. MEOWTH CAN TALK. WITHOUT TELEPATHY. If that doesn’t prove how freaking SMART he is then what does?


look at the emotion on their faces i

That and they have such GREAT attachments to their pokemon, which often get emotional, like with James’ Cacnea, and Jessie’s Dustox (which watching them give them up made my cry a bit more that the oh-so-classic Bye Bye Butterfree)

We cannot ignore the episode where Jessie and James give up Arbok and Weezing.

A poacher…..keep this in mind that Team Rocket is an organization built around stealing pokemon and occasionally mutilating them (Slowpoke Tails) to use as soldiers and for profit….a POACHER is hunting down a herd of Ekans and Koffing.
We will ignore how convenient that is….

This Poacher has a high level Fearow and a fucking TYRANTITAR that spams Hyper Beams. And what does Team Rocket do, despite Arbok, Weezing, and even WOBBUFFET getting torn apart by this guy?

To rescue the Ekans and Weezing trapped in these electrified cages, Meowth uses his claws to pick the lock, getting electrocuted CONSTANTLY in the process, stating that he can take it due to his constant encounters with Pikachu.

Then, realizing that there’s no way for Arbok and Weezing to win against this Tyrantitar, Jessie and James plead for them to lead their respective herds to safety. They have to beg, as well, as Arbok and Weezing have been with them since the beginning. With tears in their eyes, they flee, leading the others to safety.

The poacher orders the Tyranitar to Hyper Beam the herd, and MEOWTH leaps in the way, slashing it in the eyes, but takes a full on Hyper Beam regardless. Arbok and Weezing turn around, wanting to help, over and over. And Team Rocket, using only THEIR BARE HANDS, leap onto this Tyranitar, taking hyper beam after hyper beam to shield their pokemon, and in the end while they lose. Beaten, broken, they still muster the strength to hold on to the Poacher’s legs to keep him from walking.

These are the perfect characters. The most human of the entire cast in all of Pokemon. They starve with one another (sharing a single bean), they fight for one another, they always support one another. James even gave up his prized bottle cap collection to save Meowth’s life, hurling them to fake a Payday attack, a move Meowth unfortunately could never learn (making him useless in Giovanni’s eyes).

The best characters.

Shit, man…

Just a friendly reminder that they got a happy ending.

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Self defence sprays that are legal to carry and use in the United Kingdom

Image 1: Farbgel
Image 2: StoppaRed

I’ve seen a lot of people (mostly women, for reasons which may be obvious) speaking about being worried when going out, be it alone or even with friends, both in the day and at night. I know that a lot of female friends of mine carry around a can of antiperspirant or a pot of pepper to use if they’re ever attacked. What I know a lot of people don’t realise is that there are products out there which work in a violent situation and help in catching the assailant for the best part of a week afterwards.

Known as ‘criminal identifiers’, these sprays are brightly coloured dyes which can be sprayed in the face of an attacker. Unlike things such as CS or Pepper sprays, criminal identifier sprays are legal in the UK.

There’s a few available on the market, with farbgel and Mace’s Stoppared being the mostly highly recommended.

What these sprays do is release a sticky, brightly coloured dye. It’s difficult to wipe away and stains the skin a bright red colour. No matter how hard an attacker might try to remove it from their skin and clothing, the staining typically lasts for around a week and doesn’t even start to fade until after a few days have passed.

Unlike CS and Pepper sprays (which, again, aren’t legal in the UK) criminal identifier sprays don’t cause irritation or pain to an attacker. Instead, they expand and clog up the area sprayed with a kind of sticky foam that’s difficult to wipe away. It should give you enough time to escape and report someone whose face resembles a baboon’s arse to the police.

Each can of the sprays costs around £10 each, though it may be cheaper when buying multiple canisters and if you shop around.


StoppaRed UV Personal Attack Self-Defence Spray by Mace

This is an original post, but I’ve released it into the public domain. It can be shared, altered, reposted in whole or in part with no need for attribution (though obviously I would appreciate it!)

cc @misandry-mermaid

It should give you enough time to escape and report someone whose face resembles a baboon’s arse to the police.

That’s brilliant

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Educating a Friend

  • Me: So, let's say that you're at school and you see a guy you know. I mean, you guys talk every once in a while and he's pretty cool, but you're not like friends or anything. You just talk to him every once in a while.
  • Guy Friend: What's his name?
  • Me: I don't know. Frank?
  • Guy Friend: No.
  • Me: Okay, fine. His name is Will. Okay?
  • Guy Friend: I don't think it really suits him, but okay.
  • Me: ...So anyway, you're at school during lunchtime and you see Will. So, you notice Will's not eating anything. That's when you realize that Will has no lunch, no money for lunch, and no way of getting either. He's just sitting there like he normally would. He's not acting any differently and he's not asking anyone for anything. Not money, not a fry, not even a salt packet, but you know he's gotta be hungry. So, what do you do?
  • Guy Friend: Do I have any money?
  • Me: Yeah. You have enough for you and another meal.
  • Guy Friend: Duh, I buy him lunch.
  • Me: Okay, cool. So, like you said, you buy him lunch. You buy your lunch and you buy his lunch and you go over and hand it to him. And, he says, "Wow. You know, that's really nice of you, but I wasn't gonna ask anyone for lunch. I was probably just gonna wait until I got home to eat." And, then you say--
  • Guy Friend: Nah, it's cool.
  • Me: Exactly. You say, "Nah, it's cool. I'm just being nice. It's a gift." And, Will says, "You know, that's awesome. You're really nice, bro." And, after that, you guys start hanging out. You guys are like really good buds. You are always hanging out and laughing and just having a good time. So, you guys are friends for a few months, and it's tons of fun. Then, one day, you go up to Will and you say, "Hey, Will, you know, I've been thinking, and I kinda want that five bucks."
  • Guy Friend: What five bucks?
  • Me: Hold on. I'm getting there. So, Will says, "What five bucks?" To which, you reply, "Well, we've been hanging out for a long time and it's been really fun, but like, I've done a lot of really nice things for you. Like, I'm always nice to you and I always listen and do things you wanna do, so I was thinking that because I've been so nice, you should pay me back that five bucks I spent to get your lunch right before we started really hanging out."
  • Guy Friend: What? Why would I--
  • Me: I'm not done yet. So, then Will looks kinda hurt and he says, "But I thought you were just being nice. I thought that was just a gift." So, you say, "Whether or not it was a gift, don't you think you kinda owe me that five bucks since I've been so nice to you?" And, Will says, "No. I don't think I owe you that!" And you get mad, so you say, "Well, I think that you do, so I think you're being really shitty and stuck up about this and I feel like I've been completely wronged."
  • Guy Friend: Oh, my God. That's so fucked up of me. I would never do that to Will. Will was nice. We were buds. That's way screwed.
  • Me: I know, right? Hey, just wondering, have you ever heard of this fictional place called "The Friendzone?"
  • Guy Friend: Well, yeah, but...
  • Guy Friend: ...
  • Guy Friend: ...
  • Guy Friend: oh